Families joining Hiawatha Academies are all asked to sign a Commitment to Excellence Contract, that binds us in our shared vision for our scholars.

Student’s Commitment

Honor:  I will do the right thing for my community and myself.

  • I will always work, think, and act in the best way I know how.
  • I will treat my teammates, teachers, parents, and visitors with kindness, courtesy, and respect.
  • I will always tell the truth and accept responsibility for my actions.
  • I will take care of our school and school materials.

Excellence:  I will bring my best to everything I do.

  • I will set goals and work to achieve those goals.
  • I will participate positively, enthusiastically, and diligently in class and school events.
  • I will listen respectfully to my teachers and teammates so that I can learn from them.

Always Try:  I will try new things, persevere through challenges and reflect on my actions and progress.

  • I will try new things and take risks in order to grow and learn.
  • I will keep trying, even when things are difficult.
  • I will ask questions when I do not understand something, or I want to know more.
  • I will reflect on my progress and on areas in which I still need to improve.

Responsibility:  I will do my job in our community.

  • I will come to school on time and work hard for the whole day.
  • I will always follow my classroom and school agreements.
  • I will complete all of my homework, and I will read every night.
  • I will wear my complete uniform with pride every day.
  • When I make mistakes, I will work to fix them.

Team:  I will work with others to achieve our common goals.

  • I will respect everyone at school regardless of race, color, gender, handicap, age, religion, disability, lifestyle, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.  
  • I will always behave in order to protect the safety, interests, and rights of all individuals in the classroom.
  • I will ask for help when I need it, and offer my help to others.
  • I will help everyone learn by sharing, taking turns, and collaborating.